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Don’t Try to Do More Exercise, Otherwise You Have to Be Face These 6 Problems

Every person thinks it is necessary to exercise to stay healthy. The right exercise makes you healthy and refreshing, but without any thought, exercise can make you sick.

Exercise is harmful when a person starts exercising more than necessary. Often people start taking fat diets to lose weight. It saves you from becoming slim, but later you may have other problems related to the body. Many times people become even fatter than before. Often people start taking pill or powder to make health. Which increases the amount of cholesterol in them, and the body’s metabolism becomes weak.

Loss of Over Exercise - Times For Health
Loss Of Over Exercise

Over exercise is when a person starts doing any physical activity or exercises more than they need. Exercising more exercise becomes harmful rather than profitable. As long as you are exercising according to the needs of your body, you will feel refreshed yourself, but when this exercise takes you above a certain level then you are susceptible to many types of physical damage. Let’s know these 6 problems due to over exercise below –

  1. Osteoarthritis :- If you exercise excessively, you are unknowingly harming your knees. Not only this, the likelihood of osteoarthritis also increases. Christophe Stelling of the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) says that people with excessive physical activity are at risk of developing abnormalities in the knees and thus may cause osteoarthritis problems.
  2. Problem of Menopause :- According to the New Science report, exercising for a long time increases the rate of estrogen hormone in the body of women, which changes the cycle of menopause. Therefore, do not stretch your exercises much longer and exercise according to your physical capacity.
  3. Fatigue :- Often people start exercising more in the gym for more and faster benefits, which makes them feel exhausted. In such a situation, they should exercise only according to the advice of their trainer. The amount of exercise you are asked to do, do as much as you can. You become irritable due to fatigue and you do not feel good.
  4. Mental Health :- Excessive sweating in the gym may not affect your body, but your mental health can definitely worsen. According to research, exercise for a longer time can worsen mental health, which reduces the ability to think, understand and make opinions. The report says that this is particularly fatal for women. Women who spend time in the gym more slowly to look slim, their mental balance can stumble at any age and their power to think and understand may be impaired.
  5. Eating Disorder :- Excessive exercise may be the cause of eating disorder. The results of a new study show that from the mere thought of physical exercise, the man starts eating more. According to a report of Daily Mail, those who read or think about exercising start to eat 50 percent more. This is due to the ‘subconscious reward theory’, according to which when physical or mental efforts are made regarding exercise, people benefit more by eating more.
  6. Muscular Pain :- It is a misunderstanding for people who go to the gym that if there is no pain during exercise it means that there is no benefit. Often, muscle strain may cause pain due to exercise. If you also experience any such pain during exercise then stop immediately. If you do not get relief in pain even after resting, contact the doctor.

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The extreme of everything always has bad consequences. Over exercise does not only harm the body but also benefits it. Exercise more than the capacity of your body puts a serious effect on body joint and soft tissue. Exercise is very important for health, provided you know this.

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