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Flu Season Rears Its Ugly Head

An uptick in flu action could possibly be causing a bulge in faculty absences.

Teton Please be conscious of this and don’t send your students to college if they’re sick. Should you suspect your child has the flu, then please visit your primary care provider.”

student absences. Day weekend. “We do understand was to get a whole number of reasons,” “People traveling through the long run, etc..”

The amount was roughly 70 — still greater than normal, which can be 45 to 50 absences every day.

As soon as it’s probably the uptick is a result of the flu, it is not possible to know for certain.

“Some are because of illness, and many others, we do not understand,” Reynolds stated. “It depends upon what parents tell us. We do understand that a few parents have contacted the college and have said,’My kid has the flu,’ but a great deal of families simply call and say’My kid isn’t coming to college. ”’

Influenza and influenza-like action report through flu season. The latest report was updated Jan. 18 and revealed Wyoming reporting”prevalent action” that week, together with healthcare providers reporting 304 flu cases.

It is very important to see the numbers with care for a number of factors.

“The Amounts from the accounts don’t represent a comprehensive count of real “All these Reports are a part of a general surveillance system which works within an Interdependent way. The accurate levels of flu and influenza-like Disorders are probably greater. Although flu Suppliers report these outcomes. Furthermore, many sick individuals do Not seek medical care. Of People Who Do, many aren’t analyzed for influenza. Additionally, not every health provider reports to the Wyoming Department of Health always in precisely the exact same method. Therefore, Comparing reported cases of flu from season to season per week to Week might not be legitimate, because many variables affect both testing and reporting.”

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