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Follow These 8 Precautions While Doing Wax 2019!

Girls often wax their hands to keep the feet soft and remove the Dead Scene, but many times they prefer to wax their house at home to avoid the collision. While waxing at home, it is a laser or shaving that takes habit, which can prove to be dangerous for them later.

Types of Waxing

Waxing is done to remove unwanted hair from the body. Mainly waxing is of two types – cold waxing and hot waxing. During the experiment of these two methods, paraffin or twenty ax, resin and lubricator are used as a base. Adding resin hair to the strip, oil or fat is used to lubricate the skin. Using these methods makes it easier to remove the hair. The effect of these two is felt on the skin, i.e. the temperature of both hot and cold you feel.

What is hot waxing?

Wax must be melted before using hot wax. Molten wax is applied to the skin. A cloth is pressed on it. When the temperature decreases, the wax becomes tight with the hair. After this the cloth is pulled in the reverse direction of hair growth. If you keep waxing continuously, then gradually the hair becomes very less.

What is cold waxing

The cold wax that is full of tubes can be used without heating. In cold waxing, lightly rigid wax is already used on strips. These strips are pressed firmly in the direction of hair growth on the face and then stretching the hair is dragged in the opposite direction. With waxing, small hair of the hands or feet is easily removed and the whole skin comes out clean.

Make yourself at home wax

There are many ways to be careful while waxing at home, or there may be many types of infections. Let’s know that if you have a habit of waxing at home then what things you need to take care of.

  1. The razors used on your skin should not be used by any other. Note that the razor should not be plastic. There are two types of razors available in the market these days. Electric and common razor Electronic razors are comfortable, but they are also in danger.
  2. According to the weather, you should use the wax. If there is a cold cold winter then hot wax. This also makes a big difference.
  3. Hair should never be removed before taking a shower. Because the skin is dry and hard at that time. Always shaving off the body by wetting it.
  4. Do not use the used razor more than two times. This increases the risk of infection. In this case, use your personal razor only. Razor gets old day by day and its edge gets reduced.
  5. Applying soap, the skin becomes rough, so it is better to use foam before shaving or waxing.
  6. Apply razor to soften the leg or hand. The hair gets out of the well. Scrubbing can also be done.
  7. On the soft area of ​​the body where we should clean it before lukewarm water then the razor should be placed.
  8. Shaving in the wrong direction is harmful to your skin. Shaving of feet should be above the bottom. Not below the top.

Benefits of Waxing

Waxing is better in the process of warm waxing. This is a slightly painful process and its results are known only for the first time. There is no need to repeat it. Due to waxing, dry and dead skins are removed and the hair is removed so that touch with the touch of feathers is felt. It does not happen to remove hair from some other type. Strips of cold wax are available in different size types and can be used on different parts of the body. This process is less painful than hot waxing, but it has to be repeatedly used for good results.

Waxing Damage

Hot waxing is a very complicated process. It is very difficult to use hot wax on small parts of the body like lips and eyebrows. Repeated cold waxing process repeatedly causes irritation of the skin and internal hair follicle growth.

Caution in Waxing

Clean the skin before and after waxing, as the possibility of skin infection after waxing increases. This happens when the bacteria seated on the skin enter the skin with open placenta. Wax always in air conditioned room. Since there is a slight light sweating on the skin in the summer, due to which the wax cannot be properly waxed.

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