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How To Get Rid From Dark Underarms?

All girls love to wear sleeveless dresses during the summer season, but because of the draconic alarm, many girls have many problems wearing sleeveless clothes. Many times they have to face embarrassment due to being dark and dark. Due to some of their bad habits, they have to face the problem of draconian armor. Except these bad habits can be rid of the dark hazard. Let’s know about that how to get rid from dark underarms

Causes Of Dark Underarms

  1. Tight clothes :- Sometimes the sleeves of the clothes worn are so tight. Thereby, the garment is worn on the alarm and there is a problem with the draconian armor. Therefore, never wear more tight clothes.
  2. Moisture :- Some girls wipe the body after bathing but do not clean the underarms well with towels. Because of which bacteria and fungus are created in that place, which causes the draconic alarm. Therefore, this area should always be kept dry.
  3. Dead Skin :- Dead skin also causes an obstruction problem. Therefore, cleaning of the face along with facial cleansing is also very important. The way the scrub is used to clean the face. In the same way, scrubs should be used to remove the dead skin.
  4. Shaving :- Some women use shaving blades to clean the hair of the adornment. This does not remove the hair from the skin completely and which gradually causes the draconic alarm. For this, always use waxing, which will remove hair from the root and the skin will not be black.
  5. More Use of Deodorant :- Due to perspiration in the summer the stomach causes a lot of dizziness. For which girls use Deo But with more use, skin is damaged because Deo uses a lot of chemicals that darkens the underarms.

We Are Telling You 5 Natural Ingredients Using Which You Can Get Rid Of The Problem Of Dark Underarms –

  • Potato Vitamin A, B and C are abundant in potato and potato can be used to bleach the skin of your underarms in a natural way. Applying potato juice or potato pieces on armpits, the problem of skin patch and blackening becomes cured over time. Apart from this, you can apply potato juice and lemon juice in equal amounts, even in underarms. There will be better results than this.
  • Vitamin C in lemonlemon juice helps to lighten the color of dark armpit and relieve skin scab. Cut a piece of lemon, rubbing it on the armpit or lemon juice with cotton wool, and apply it on armpit.
  • The cucumber cucumber is broken or the cucumber juice is applied on the armpit, this is an effective solution to get rid of the problem of dark underarms. If you cut the cucumber piece of cucumber, keep it on dark skin for about 20 minutes and then remove it.
  • Baking soda the skin of the area of ​​the underarms does not leave early, due to which the dead skin cells are stored and the skin of underarms becomes dark, patchy and dark. Mix baking soda in water and paste it and scrub the arm pick with it. This will open the fluffy layers of the underarm and remove the stench.
  • Gram flour & Yogurt Besan is a great scrub that helps remove skin cells from the dead cell and make skin tone the same. The lactic acid present in the curd makes the skin as well as the condition of the skin. Mix the gram flour and curd together and paste it on the armpit. Leave it to dry and then wash with lukewarm water.
  • Egg oil Massage the place affected by egg oil and let it stay all night; The omega-3 present in egg oil promotes the re-epithelisation of skin cells, which makes the skin smoother and the skin becomes bright. Wash it with pH balanced soap or body wash in the morning.
  • Moisturize The only and most important way to remove the blackness of your underarm is to moisturize it twice a day. If possible, use natural moisturizer such as aloe Vera, lecithin etc.

#Note – If you are going through a problem of hyperhydrosis or excessive sweating, then frequently unfollect it, and For good results get underarm waxing to a professional.

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