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How To Get Rid Of Excess Drinking Addiction

Everyone knows how harmful alcohol is for health. But after this some people continue to drink it according to their status. By the way, sometimes it can be good to drink alcohol, but when it gets addicted, it puts many problems for you along with your health. By drinking alcohol you may have to face many serious problems including heart attack, liver problems. So today we will tell you the precise ways through which alcohol can easily be called bye in a week. So let’s know How to get rid of excess drinking addiction

Some Treatments Can Be Helpful for You –

Ginger :- Take a little ginger and cut it into small pieces. Now put rock salt on them. After this, squeeze lemon juice on these pieces and keep these pieces in the sun. When these dry up, then your medicine will be ready. The time when the alcoholic wants to addiction, keep this piece in the mouth and keep sucking. This piece does not melt in the mouth and you can keep it in the mouth from morning till evening.

Lemon Juice :- By taking empty stomach juice from 3 to 4 fresh lemon juice in the morning to the intoxication, it can effectively remove toxic substances, extra fat and mineral waste from the body.

Chamomile Tea :- Chamomile tea has peaceful and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps a lot in dealing with the person’s withdrawal from drugs. This herbal tea helps relieve the symptoms of diarrhea, dysentery and nausea in this problem. Drinking 4 to 5 cups Chamomile tea daily can help in getting rid of alcohol.

Fenugreek Seeds :- One of the most common symptoms of alcohol withdrawal is nausea. In order to reduce this problem, you should make the patient boil a handful of fenugreek seeds in one liter of water and let it cool slightly and make a paste of seeds of fenugreek seeds and soak it in water at night and in the morning it will eat empty stomach, nausea and others. A beneficial way to overcome symptoms.

Body Detox Water :- There are many types of therapeutic and detoxifying properties in water, which can help in relieving drug addiction and relieving many of its symptoms. By drinking at least three liters of water a day, naturally it helps to cope with the return of intoxication by detoxifying the body.

Detoxification :- The treatment usually starts with the process of detoxification, i.e. the patient’s body is first free from the poison of alcohol. This work can take weeks or a little more time. During this period, the patient leaves the alcohol, after the withdrawal symptoms are shown, then he can handle them properly, medicines are given for it. This period of distance from alcohol pulls the body out of addiction.

Counseling :- Counseling or advice or therapy In this, the patient is told about the nature of the addiction and its dangers and it is also told what he should do to improve the health. At this stage, a counselor or psychiatrist can ask the patient if she has no emotional problem due to which she was drinking alcohol. This information also helps in therapy.

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The patient also participates in the support group meetings. Through group therapy, the patient gets the chance that he comes out of his denial. If there has been any disorder in his mental health due to intoxication, he should also openly tell, get support from those who are fighting with similar problems and are motivated to change their behavior in this way. At the end of this phase, the patient is given training to identify the situations which can cause Relapse, and also to know how to keep those tensions away.

How to get rid of excess drinking addictions - Times For Health