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How to Make Teeth Healthy And Shiny?

Your teeth do not help you in talking or eating food, but they give a new identity to your personality. Today’s dental market is filled with teeth whitening dental procedures and expensive dental treatments which promise to make your teeth shine like pearls. But we will tell you 12 ways to help your smile naturally shine.

Beauty is not only with the face, but even if your teeth are not clean you still become laughing in front of others. It is therefore necessary that you know some things that can make your teeth white and shiny, so let’s know how to make teeth healthy and shiny –

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Avoid Mouthwash, Coffee and Soda :- Coffee, soda and sometimes mouthwash can also cause yellowing of your teeth. So we should avoid these things.

Brushing at Least Twice a Day :- It is very important to brush at least twice a day because it turns out plates and bacteria that are sticking between your teeth that cause the cause of your mouth rot. Therefore brushing is necessary to avoid dehydration.

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Eat Fruit :- Sometimes in haste if you cannot clean your teeth, you can eat some nostril fruit which acts as a natural brush on your teeth. Fruits filled with citrus reduce the yellowing of the teeth by natural saliva by increasing the saliva in the mouth and cleansing teeth and making them shiny. Plus, fruit like strawberries and kiwi with vitamin C make your gums strong. Blushful fruits such as water-filled apples and pears are also very beneficial because these fruits increase saliva in the mouth.

Flossing :- Many people are apprehensive about the concept of flossing because they fear that it may start bleeding from their gums. If this action is done carefully and patiently, it helps you to maintain the health of your teeth and in return also protects your teeth from decay.

Dairy Products :- Paneer and yogurt dairy products are less susceptible to gum disease and also help in maintaining the whiteness of teeth. As well as keeping the enamel safe and strong, the hard-grained cheese like saffron is more effective in keeping the teeth clean and shiny than soft Paneer.

Sesame Seeds :- help to strengthen the enamel by eliminating sesame seed plaque. In this, the calcium present in abundance helps in maintaining the bones around teeth and gums. Sunflower seeds are found in abundance of fiber, protein and vitamin E. It also provides important minerals like magnesium. Chewing sunflower seeds will not bring bad luck to your mouth and, in effect, will save your teeth from decay.

Use a Straw :- Use a straw can be helpful in maintaining the whiteness of teeth using a straw. It protects your teeth from any food consumed by color drinks. The reason for this is that using straw, the beverage goes straight to your mouth without touching the teeth.

Vegetables :- Vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, pumpkins, etc. filled with vitamin A help in the formation of enamel. Raw food is suitable only for these vegetables because raw vegetables easily clean the teeth by massaging the gums and also maintain their whiteness.

Use a Mixture of Lemon and Salt :- a mixture of lemon and salt can help you get brighter teeth. When citric acid naturally present in lemon is mixed with salt and used on teeth, it works better. To get shiny teeth regularly clean your teeth with this mixture.

Take a New Brush :- every two months to get the appropriate results, changing your brush at regular intervals is very important. After some time, the bristles of your brush become tight and damage your enamel, causing your teeth to fall yellow.

Maintain Your Calcium Consumption :- Calcium intake helps in maintaining the strength of your teeth and also maintains the brightness of teeth.

Away from the Toilets :- Keeping your brush at least 6 feet away from the toilets is said to avoid the brush with air particles produced from the flush, it should be kept at least 6 feet away from the toilets. It helps in maintaining the health of teeth and protects the teeth from any type of damage.

#Note – If you are facing a serious problem related to denting, go to the doctor immediately.