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If Cancer is Detected On Time Then Life Can Be Saved

It is difficult to talk about the causes and treatment of cancer as there can be various types of cancer in the body. Due to all types of cancer, symptoms and treatments can vary, but one thing is certain and that cancer is not incurable. World Cancer Day was on Saturday, February 4th. Speaking of excerpts on this occasion, experts given us some knowledge that if cancer is detected on time so a life can be saved

What Is Cancer?

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a complex disease that is difficult to define in a sentence. For more than 100 cancerous diseases occurring within the body, cancer is largely spoken. If seen, cancer can affect almost every part of the body. Even cancer in the organs such as the eyes and heart can be cancerous. The most common cancer in men is cancer of the mouth and throat (head and neck cancer), which is about 60 percent of the cases. The second most common cancer is lung cancer. Apart from this, stomach cancer is also very good. Talking about women, they have the most common cervical cancer, but if the big cities give more attention, breast cancer is now more than cervical cancer.

How Does Cancer?

Any organ in the human body is made up of cells. As the body is needed, these cells continue to divide and grow, but sometimes it happens that the body does not need these cells to grow, yet they continue to grow. The result of this increase without any need is that the lump or tumor is formed in that particular part. These lumps or tumors can be of two types – Binine and malignant.

Not Every Tumor Cancer

Without tumor are non-cancerous, while malignant tumors are considered to be cancers? Without tumor, there is no danger to life and it also does not spread in other parts of the body. The organ in which they live lives there, and from there they are removed through surgery. Indian cricket team superstar Yuvraj Singh is currently treating tumors in the US. They have tumors in their lungs, but they do not have tumor cancer. On the other hand malignant tumors are badass. Even on the limbs around it, they start attacking and take them into their own hands. Their strength is so much that they separate from the tumor and they enter the blood, the result is that the cancer begins to spread in other parts of the body. This diffusion process is called metastatic.

This is the situation in which cancer starts from one organ and reaches to other organs, but it is given according to the same limb, where it started. For example, if cervical cancer spreads to the lungs, then it would be said that cervical cancer will be gone, not lung cancer.


Symptoms of cancer

The symptoms of cancer depend on the type of cancer it is. As it progresses towards the advanced stage, its symptoms start to appear as weight loss, fever and fatigue, but remember this does not mean cancer. They may be symptoms of some very common illness.

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These May Also Be Initial Symptoms

  • Chase more than three weeks
  • Only unusual blood is coming. For instance, when someone comes to the blood at the time of the intercourse or women have blood in between, apart from the period.
  • There is no blister inside the mouth, which is not full.
  • Trouble opening, chewing, swallowing or digging food.
  • Lump in any part of the body.
  • If you have acidity from a long time and do not feel well then doubt. Not every acidity is cancer, but it can be an early symptom of cancer.
  • Hemoglobin i.e. HB is extremely low
  • There is no change in till or warts or filling of any wound.
  • Complete pain in the cameras, stomach or back.
  • Pain is a symptom but pain occurs when the cancer has reached an extremely advanced stage.

Cancer Is Not Incurable

About cancer is often said that once cancer is the means of death. There is no cure for this, but this is not true. If the cancer is detected in the starting stage then it can be corrected. At the beginning, 90 percent of cancer patients are fully cured.