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Lets know about Common Difficulties while Breastfeeding

When a child comes in contact with his mother for breastfeeding for the first time, feelings that a mother feels at that time cannot be expressed in words. And it is equally difficult to express the pain during breastfeeding that many mothers pass through breastfeeding.

Some mothers cheerfully cry, and some are surprised that they have given birth to a beautiful baby by tolerating too much pain. Regardless of it, but it is a very beautiful moment for parents, although this moment of joy has its own value. Let’s talk about some of the problems associated with pain during breastfeeding, whose mothers usually have to face. Also try to know what can be done to solve these problems.

Difficulties while Breastfeeding - Times For Health

Improper Grip

It is a problem that is associated with many other problems related to the breasts. It has been seen so often that the hold of the mother of the child is not right. But, as a mother, you have to make sure and to do this to see if the darkest part of the breast (Anola) is in the child’s mouth or not. Apart from this, you also have to check whether the baby’s lips are not turned inwards in the mouth and the baby’s chin bumps into your breast instead of the lips.

Torn Nipples

This is a commonly found problem that moms have to experience due to not catching a baby’s breast properly. If you want to continue breastfeeding, there is nothing like that which can reduce your pain. In such a situation whether you use a pump for breastfeeding or milk supply, you have to face pain in both conditions. Especially, when your child starts breastfeeding rather than breastfeeding, it starts cutting the breast from the mouth. The only correct solution to this problem is only one and it is to fix the grip on the child’s breast.

Pain in Breastfeeding

Most pediatricians believe that if you feel pain and difficulties during breastfeeding, then you are not breastfeeding properly. Pediatricians believe that during breastfeeding, you should only feel the breast sucked by infant and not any kind of pain.
If you feel any kind of pain during breastfeeding, then it is either improper to catch a child’s breast or any other cause of pain. If you want to breastfeed without pain, then make sure that what is the real problem?

Excess Milk Production or Heavy Breasts

It usually happens when your breasts produce a lot of milk, but you cannot afford to free your breasts from extra milk. There can be two main reasons for this – the first is that your infant is still learning to breastfeed, and secondly you have not learned well enough to breastfeed.

This is a very common problem and it is a very simple treatment – try to avoid the heaviness of the breasts. If compared to the supply of infant milk, if you are doing excessive production of your breast milk then try to use the pumps as soon as possible to collect the milk and collect it and if necessary give your baby a drink. Do not forget to read my article about how milk is stored and how long it is used.

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Blocked Milk Canals

It is a painful problem and only those mothers can understand its pain, who have suffered the pain caused by it. This happens when the breasts are not taken care of.

If the elevation or heaviness of the breasts continues and if the thickness of the breasts is not reduced by pumping milk already produced after a certain period, then it becomes the main reason for the block of milk tubules. You will be able to feel a painful lump in your breasts easily, which will be very painful with a slight stir.

It is only one solution, whether you are suffering from severe breasts, but still do not stop breastfeeding. After some time you will see that this problem will be solved by itself.

Lets-know-about-Common-Difficulties-while-Breastfeeding - Times For Health

#Note – Therefore, from my experience, I can say that if you are suffering from these problems then you should continue breastfeeding. But, if the problem persists, do not forget to check it out with your doctor.