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Let’s Know How To Identify Asthma?

If you hear that someone has asthma i.e. asthma, then there is usually a reaction, as if there is an ambush on life. Yes, it points to difficult situations, but it can be handled.

What is Asthma?

Understand the structure of the lungs to understand it. We imagine the tree standing upside down, that is, the roots are upwards. Now consider that the main tube of the breath, i.e. wind pipe, which descends from the throat to the lungs. It is made of thick cartilage, so it does not shrink. The tree is attached to the small branches of the tree. These are the breath tubes, whose walls are made of thin cartilage, therefore shrink. The infections in these ducts result in swelling and contraction, which begins to block the inhalation. The tubes that give clear air to the lungs will become thin, then the breath will start flowing and the person will start to suffer in an attempt to breathe, this is asthma.

Treatment is Basically Management

It is not possible to eliminate asthma from the root. It can be kept under control, that too long and easy. Take medicines at the right time and avoid triggers. There are two types of medicines – Relief and second anti-inflammatory drugs. Both of these work better with Pump. Relief, as mentioned by name, is a relief medication. If coughing starts in an allergic environment, take 8 puffs of the Reliever Pump. It can be used twice a week in a week. Suppose more than three times, then suppose swelling of the respiratory tube is increasing and now the release will not work. Now comes the anti-inflammation drugs. The most effective and powerful medicines in allopathic are steroids.

The best way to treat asthma is with them, but there have been a lot of doubts that their side effects are dangerous. In the last 20-25 years things have changed. Now less than forty times the quantity of their inhaler is managed by the effective management of asthma. Such low doses of drugs have been found to be completely safe for young children as well as for pregnant women, lets know how to identify asthma

How to Identify Asthma - Timesforhealth

How To Recognize Symptoms

It is very important to know the symptoms of asthma. In this disease, the patient has to put a lot of emphasis on breathing and breathing. When lung tubes found in the body of the human body (which flows in the air), stiffness contraction occurs in small fibers, then the lungs do not digest the full dose of air (breath). Due to which the patient has to be forced to leave the breath without taking full breathing, this condition is called asthma or breathe disease.

Asthma disease worsens when the patient takes breath inside the lungs by breathing, but with difficulty in breathing inhalation, it takes longer to quit breathing. There is also the sound of a slight whistling when breathing to a troubled person.

When this problem increases, then the situation arises when it comes to tour. The patient starts fluttering. When the tour is more active, the patient’s face becomes blue due to lack of oxygen in the body. This disease can happen to both men and women. When asthma attacks a disease, it is dry and rancid cough. No matter how many patients try to get rid of this disease, mucus does not come out. Asthma patients feel more difficulty sleeping at night, especially sleeping.

  • The feeling of constant cough
  • white thick mucus comes
  • the voice of the house and the chest on breathing
  • someone tied tightly on the chest
  • Such a feeling is one of the main symptoms of asthma.

Precautions in Asthma

  1. Meal should not be consumed with spicy food in the food.
  2. Dust and smoke should be avoided because such an environment increases the likelihood of disease progression.
  3. Mental stress and fight should also be avoided.
  4. Extend information about yourself and your family about asthma disease, so that it can control it well.
  5. Keep cleanliness well in the house. The pillow covers, the sheets on which the dust particles sit and the most come in contact with the person, so keep changing them and take special care of the cleaning.
Define - How to Identify Asthma - Timesforhealth
Define – How to Identify Asthma – Timesforhealth