Reduce Your Belly Fat With The Help Of This Avocado Fruit!

People take many dangerous and ineffective measures to reduce stomach upset. Especially for reducing belly fat! But no ‘magic pill’ has been invented for this. In the articles written below, we will tell you about the reasons for growing fat in the stomach, and how to get rid of it, and simultaneously will tell you that by consuming some fruits daily, you can reduce your fat –

Reduce your heavy belly with the help of avocado :- A pear-like fruit avocado originated in Mexico has become famous in India due to its nutritional properties. It contains 322 calories and 29 grams of fat, due to which the amount of fat is slightly higher compared to other fruits. But 20 grams in this fruit are helpful in keeping monosaturated fat cholesterol and blood sugars in control. Also, this fruit helps suppress appetite and reduce stomach fat, so it is considered to be the best weight loss factor.

A good source of monoschurated fat :- The beneficial monosaturated fat for the heart is a good source of fat. This increases the amount of good cholesterol (HDL). There is a beta sit sterol that controls cholesterol, which regulates food cholesterol. According to a research, monosaturated fat in avocado plays an important role in reducing increased cholesterol, which is the biggest cause of insulin resistance, overweight and obesity.

Avocado gives energy after workout :- By taking avocado before workout, it provides energy to you like a supplement. In addition, more than 20 essential nutrients are present in avocados, in addition to 250 calories, 10 grams of fiber and 15 grams monosaturated fat in an avocado. Therefore, avocado to get energy for workouts.

Full of nutrients :- According to a study, only 3 grams of monasaccharideate in vegetables is enough to get absorption of carotenoid fats. Carotenoid is a compound connected to weight and fat reduction. And to get the benefits of vegetables for dressing, high quantity of 20 grams saturated and polyunsaturated fat is required. According to another study, together with avocado in salad, it helps to absorb three to five times more arytenoids.

Avocado for thin waist :- The diet rich in monosaccharide fat prevents the spread of fat around your stomach by regulating the expression to the gene. One spoon avocado oil contains about 120 calories and 10 grams monosaccharide fat. Apart from its high smoke point, it can be used to fry it without harmful free radicals for health.

Avocado suppresses hunger :- Do you know that the desire to eat half a avocado in a day is found to be around 40 percent less. In avocado, fiber, vitamin ‘B’ and amino acids give you a sense of feeling. Therefore try to eat avocado instead of oiled food.

How To Increase your metabolism - timesforhealth

Increase Your Metabolism

Do not skip breakfast: It is a common practice to not eat food while trying to lose weight. But many scientists justify this practice. If breakfast takes place within one hour, then the level of insulin remains normal in your body and LDL keeps cholesterol even lower.

  • Make breakfast every day around the same time. If you sleep for a long time on the weekends, then eat it as soon as you wake up in the morning.
  • Eat protein and high fiber foods (eggs, peanut butter, fresh fruits and vegetables) for breakfast. Unlike refined sugars and complex carbohydrates, these substances take time in the digestive process, which does not make you feel hungry for long periods of time.
  • Take sweet grains, waffles, pancakes, French toast, snack pastries, or dallies only in your breakfast limited. Sugary substance is an important cause of obesity. But even if your refined sugar wants to eat anything, then, in order to maintain balance, also eat some protein or fiber.
  • Eat oats. They are especially good for breakfast. The amount of GI carbohydrate in oats is low, due to which low sugar is released in the blood. Thus helps in controlling your weight. By eating oats, you do not feel hungry for long periods of time.

Decompress: Scientists argue that secretion of cortical (a hormone born at the time of stress from the body) is the reason for the growth of stomach fat. Some strategies to combat everyday stress:

  • Enough Sleep, Most adults, at least 7 hours a day, need rest of sleep, otherwise they may have to suffer physical problems.
  • Set a time for your rest. After lunch, rest for only 15 minutes. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, and try to forget your worries. This will also have a good effect on your health.
  • Every one thing that makes you feel stressed, try to keep away from your bedroom. Keep your work of work and other stress free from this area. This area should be reserved for relaxation and relaxation. As soon as you step into that room, try to solve your anxiety leave behind.

Make the purpose of moving 10,000 steps in one day: During a search it was found that those people (without changing their diet) dropped their daily steps from 10,000 to 1500 steps, in their intestinal fat After just 2 weeks 7% growth was found.

  • Use a pedometer (a device with which you can measure your steps) and try to increase the number of steps daily.
  • Use stairs instead of lift; Instead of driving, walk on foot It keeps your health healthy.
  • Every day, after every half hour, only 30 steps will go. If you are part of a sedentary business, then make a “treadmill desk” so that you can work and exercise together.

Acquire whole grains instead of refined grains: In a scientific study, (Eat three times the consumption of fruits and vegetables without consuming three times the amount of low-fat milk substances, and lineate meat, fish, or chicken twice) The group of people eating all the whole grains, especially the level of abdominal fat reduction compared to all those refined grains, was particularly unusual. Even after consuming a diet, whole grains are more beneficial for stomach discomfort.

  • Grain melts fat. Whole grains increase the glucose and insulin fat in your body. It is easy to burn fat (subcutaneous fat / deep layer fat) in comparison to skin fat (visceral fat) and whole grains are extremely beneficial in reducing this fat.
  • Avoid white grains. For example, instead of processed white bread, eat brown wheat bread and take white rice instead of wild brown rice.

Drink plenty of water: Scientists suggest drinking more water throughout the day. With this, even without exercising, your metabolic process remains active. Drinking water is beneficial in other ways too. Your body is home to many waste / toxic substances. Water is the key to removing these harmful substances from your body and to maintain overall health.

  • Drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water daily. Keep in mind that drinking water up to 8-10 glasses per day must be sure to drink.
  • Take a water bottle with you so that whenever thirsty takes you, you can drink water.
  • If you are drinking enough water then your urine will look almost clear. But as long as you do not drink enough water, your urine is also yellow. It is only a pick indication that you need to drink more water.
  • Reduce consumption of alcohol and sweet drinks (like coke, 7ups, Pepsi and all diet drinks) and carbonated beverages.

You Can Also Take Help Of Fat Burning Fingerprint

Fat Burning Fingerprint is only a belly fat burning product. This is a product that claims that it will help you reduce your stomach fat without any side effects.

What Are Exercise to reduce obesity - timesforhealth

Exercise To Reduce Obesity

Exercise in small duration: Many researches show that compared to a brief rest period, exercise is more beneficial than exercising more quickly. This increases the process of reducing your fat.

  • Run in full swing: Start this exercise with a high speed of 20 seconds, run as fast as you can and run as far as you can. After this, move in slow motion to fill your breath. Repeat this exercise for 10 minutes.
  • Install a treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike for interval training. Most modern exercise equipment is set in interval training mode, so that, for a brief period, the level of difficulty of exercise can be increased.
  • Take a quick walk During your work, take some time to exercise too. Take only 5 minutes daily, step by step and fast. You can also try to move above the stairs as an exercise.

For now – Do not crunches: Be strong muscles with abdominal crunches and sit ups, but you may not see them under the fat stomach. Rather, your stomach may look bigger than the cranks because the thickness of your abdomen will increase. Instead, if you strengthen your back muscles, then your posture will improve and your stomach will get inside. Try these exercises to focus on your inner muscles:

  • Do the ‘bridge’ exercise to reduce the stomach fat. Place the push up or press up. Keep your body straight by supporting your elbow and keep your eyes always down, down to the ground. Keep the stomach muscles in such a way that you feel your stomach backwards from the spine. Doing this, keep the lower part of your body and the spinal cord straight. As long as this situation feels comfortable, stay same. As long as you live in this seat, try to keep your waist straight. This can be difficult at first, so help with your knees and create a comfortable platform. Keep this condition alive for at least 30 seconds daily and aim to repeat this exercise 3-5 times.
  • Make daily squats. While standing on your feet, spread your arms forward and move the hips backwards and take the currency of squats. Set up four sets of 15-20 squats, which can be used by many organs at one time.
  • Stretch the sides of your waist. Straighten the width of your waist, as if the legs are open and standing. Put your right hand on your right hip, lift your left hand straight up so that your palm can bend right. Keeping your legs in mind, tilt the left hand right. This makes you exercise on the left side. Do the opposite practice for the right side. Repeat the practice for 3 to 5 times on each side.

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Dieting For Fat Reduction

Reduce the calorie intake: By the time you do not limit the consumption of calories, you will not be free from stomach fat. Try to adopt these suggestions:

  • Remember to lose a pound of fat, it reduces to 3500 calories. This means that you burn 3500 calories through exercise or you eat less than 3500 calories less by the ability to burn in the week.
  • Target to reduce the maximum of two pounds per week. Reducing it can be unhealthy and may change in the cycle of crash dying, in which your lost weight may return quickly.
  • Keep a food diary. Most people take a low estimate of their food intake. Make an honest assessment of your eating habits by writing whatever you eat in one week. Use an online calorie calculator, and find out how many calories you are taking in roughly one day. From there, see what you can afford to cut.
  • Try a diet in which you consume 2200 calories (men) or 2000 calories (women) per day. This can cause you enough loss to reduce one or two pounds per week, depending on the level of your activity.

#Note: Conclusion – so now we can say that if you are taking avocado on daily basis in your diet plan and as well as if you are using fat burning fingerprint so definitely you will get success for reduce your belly fat.

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