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Symptoms Of Tb In Children

TB is also called Tuberculosis. It is caused by a type of bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis and mainly affects the lungs. In some people, this infection can reach other parts of the body through blood vessels, such as kidneys, bone marrow, in the brain and spine, in the brain and spine. T.B. with the right care and treatment is possible. It is more likely to be successful in treating this information on time.

Types Of Tb in Children

There may be TB in children in many ways such as primary complexes, hair TB, progressive primary TB, military TB (severe type), brain TB, TB of the bone etc.

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Tb Symptoms In Children

  1. Coughing :- Coughing more than 2 weeks in children may be a sign of this disease. Diseases like cough, cough, cough or bleeding appear at the onset of TB infection. Apart from this, the child’s breathe starts breathing while breathing during cough and the child can also become unconscious due to lack of oxygen.
  2. Fever :- Tuberculosis germs reach the baby’s lungs very quickly in other parts of the body, causing them to have high fever. If the child is having high fever more then check immediately. TB fever comes to sweat while sleeping at night.
  3. Loss of Weight :- In this disease, children do not feel hungry, due to which their forest starts decreasing. If children suddenly reduce food and they lose weight then it may be a matter of concern.
  4. Slackness :- Due to the TB virus, the child’s disease-resistant capacity becomes weak, due to which it starts to languish. Tiredness, shortage of energy, or sluggishness all the time when running or playing can be a sign of this disease.
  5. Skin Changes :- The child’s skin is quite delicate. Therefore, when the disease occurs, their skin becomes yellow or red. In addition, the child also develops skin rashes or infection.

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Treatments For Tuberculosis In Children

  • If you use garlic in the tuberculosis then it will be very beneficial for you as garlic has sulfuric acid which is capable of killing tuberculosis germs. Not only this, your immunization also increases with the use of garlic.
  • Banana has always been considered a nutritious ingredient and let us know that the amount of calcium in banana is very important. Banana consumption helps in increasing immunity in tuberculosis patients.
  • Amla is also counted among nutrients if you consume it during tuberculosis then it will prove to be very beneficial for you. Amla has all the properties of inflammatory and antioxidant that can help to cure your health.
  • Orange consumption can also benefit you in the form of tuberculosis because it contains mineral and compound which helps in eliminating tuberculosis in your body.
  • The use of black pepper cleanses your lungs by which you and you get relief in the symptoms of tuberculosis.

Treatments for tuberculosis in children - TimesForHealth

#Note – You Should Apply a Bcg Vaccine on Your Children.