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Top 10 Reasons Why Breast Augmentation Is A Popular Trend?

When it comes to some topics, there is often some kind of taboo hovering over them. For example, breast augmentation in the past years was one of them. Back in the old days, what once was a hush-hush topic is no longer one. Today, so many women across the globe are turning to breast augmentation, and women are now bold enough to discuss the surgery with their Atlanta breast augmentation surgeons prior to and after the surgery.

In the United States, breast augmentation stands out as the most popular, and trendy aesthetic procedures. In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, thousands of women opt for breast implants annually and the number keeps rising. They estimate that surgeons perform about 300,000 procedures in a year. Of course, each surgery is different and most patients have their own reasons to opt for the surgery. However, here are the top 10 reasons why this surgery remains a popular trend among women.

1.Asymmetrical Breasts

Some women do not feel happy about having asymmetrical breasts, which makes them feel conscious. This when they turn to breast augmentation, which cannot just enhance the shape of the breasts but makes them appear equal in size. It offers a natural body shape and contoured look.

2.Boosts Self-Esteem

Some women who have smaller breasts end up feeling conscious about how they appear. This leads to dissatisfaction because they feel their figure doesn’t look good. It affects their self-confidence and self-esteem. This is when breast augmentation from experts at Crispin Plastic Surgeryplays a role. The surgery helps to enhance the shape of the breasts, giving them a better shape and boosts their self-esteem in terms of appearance.

3.Changes in Weight

Several women battle with weight issues caused either by post pregnancy or by hormonal imbalance. When a patient finally achieves the ideal weight, it is normal for the breasts to lose their firmness and volume. At such times, breast implants help to replace the size and the volume, enhancing the shape and size of the breasts, back to how they were before.

4.The solution for Effects of Pregnancy

For women, losing baby weight is actually a good thing, but so many mothers struggle with how their body appears after nursing and pregnancy. Eventually, the changes in the body take a toll and affect the shape and appearance of the breasts, causing them to droop and become smaller. However, the augmentation procedure helps to restore the pre-baby body.

5.Disproportionately Smaller Breasts

The breast sizes in women often vary broadly, but women with smaller breasts often end up feeling less curvaceous. If a woman wishes to feel more feminine, she opts for enhancements. Post an augmentation, women find that they can feel more confident and wear new outfits to enhance their figure.


Aging is a factor that has an effect on the perkiness and volume of breasts. Pregnancy accelerates this trait, as well as breastfeeding. This is when breast augmentation creates a lift for such patients. However, it is advisable that you consult your board-certified surgeon who should place the implants with a breast lift to restore youthful and perky breast appearance.

7.Just Had Mastectomy?

Some women who opt for mastectomy due to breast cancers or other health conditions wish to regain their healthy and full figure. They opt for breast reconstruction procedures, which often involve simple augmentation as well. Although this includes implant placement, it also includes skin grafting and construction of the areola and nipple.

8.Better Fitting Clothes

Often the clothes of women have designs that are ideal for C cup sizes. As you can see, this means it’s about fashion, and this could be a good reason to choose breast implants combined with other factors. This helps to boost the life quality of women as well.

9.Better Intimacy

For women, having the best allure sense is vital to them. Some may wonder what the benefits of augmentation could actually provide them, but the reason is quite straightforward. They feel more intimate and sexier. Women who opt for breast augmentation in Atlanta say that they feel desirable and it helps them in their sexual life.

10.Personal Decision

Opting for the breast augmentation procedure remains a personal decision, and one you should never take lightly. If you are planning to choose this procedure, just make sure that you do not choose it based on someone else’s expectations, but your own. Think over your choice, and you need to be sure that it has a positive and good impact on your life.

As you can see, these are valid reasons why breast augmentation stands out as a popular trend among women. It is all about feeling confident and happy about how your body appears, so if you are planning to go through the surgery, you should consult a board-certified surgeon in your area today!